Welcome to the new and improved Dreamscarred Press website! This site will be the new home for all things Dreamscarred Press.  Our old site will remain in place for those who still have downloads, as well as for the forum archive, but this is where all the new, fun stuff will take place!  This upgrade has been a long time coming and we hope you like it! This new site offers a host of new options to us that our old site simply could not handle, especially for shipping out physical products like our books, accessories, and miniatures!

There will likely be a bit of a cutover process, since we are not migrating our data from our old site to our new site and there is still a lot of activity going on in the old forums.

Our new site includes the ability to buy our Kickstarter-funded products like our miniatures, dice, GM Screen, and tokens, as well as our line of Pathfinder RPG supplements, adventures set in the Third Dawn Campaign Setting, and more!  Please note that some items, like Psionics Embodied, are still in development, and we are fulfilling Kickstarter-backer orders first before fulfilling any new customer orders when applicable.