Every year, we do a sanity check here at Dreamscarred Press (seems appropriate, no?). So let’s wrap up 2014 and kick off 2015!

2014 was a rollercoaster year for Dreamscarred Press. We got a lot done, especially the books from our Ultimate Psionics Kickstarter like the Psionic Bestiary, Psionics Embodied, and The Opened Mind. While we’re still wrapping up fulfillment of the project, having the books done has been a critical part of actually getting all of our backers their rewards. We also finished the sculpting, molding, and casting of our line of 18 Psionic Miniatures (you can even get all 18 for a discounted rate!) This added to our line of gaming accessories like our Focus Tokens. Ultimate Psionics has even hit Gold Best Seller at DriveThruRPG and we shattered our previous sales records. But a huge part of our time in late 2014 was spent on Kickstarter fulfillment – definitely a hard lesson learned.

We also wrapped up the first half of our From the Deep Adventure Path (parts 1-3), which is in the process of being compiled into a single printed book while we work on finishing up Part 4.

New Subsystems

Just in time for GenCon 2014, we released Path of War in print, giving martial characters new abilities and character options. Like all of our psionic material, Path of War was done as a fully open playtest over an extended period of time to make sure we gave players time to really dig into the rules. Based upon the reception for Path of War, we started playtesting on a second book in the series, Path of War: Expanded. You can expect the subscription for it to be available soon and the print hopefully by the end of the year!

We’ve started releasing Akashic Mysteries, a reimagining of the incarnum-based subsystem from 3.5. The subscription continues during 2015 and a softcover book should be available by summer. We hope to see a big crossover book mixing material from psionics, akasha and maneuvers, depending on time.

And rounding out our subystems, we’re currently testing material for a truespeaking-based subsystem for the Pathfinder RPG. You can expect a subscription for that later in the year once we have material ready for release.

Expanding Options

But more than just adding new subsystems, we’ve been working on expanding the support of our existing subystems. For 2015, you can expect to see a variety of new books in the Psionics Augmented line of products, particularly a book for wilders, currently in layout and expected to be released in February. Psionics Augmented: Soulknife is currently being written. Psionics Augmented: The Seventh Path, a book detailing a new psionic discipline dealing with the dead, is in editing and should be done by April. Psionics Augmented: Mythic is in playtesting, and should be available in March or April and will provide a mythic psionic path, mythic feats, mythic psionic powers, mythic psionic monsters, and more!

Beyond just new subsystems and pisonics, we tried releasing completely standalone products like Bloodforge and learned a lot along the way. We’ll continue trying new things, like Lords of the Night, to see what works and what doesn’t. We’d love to hear what you like and what you don’t like – and especially WHY you feel that way.

Beyond all of that, we also have new material in internal testing, in writing, and being sketched out with some plans for a new book just in time for GenCon 2015. As we start to get out from under the mountain of work we created for ourselves with our Kickstarter campaigns, we’re trying to get back on track with supporting our existing systems and expanding our horizons.


2014 was the first year we had an actual booth at GenCon, the best four days in gaming! It was extremely exciting and busy and fun and hectic and eye-opening. We got to meet tons of long-time fans, as well as introduce people who had never heard of psionics to the system. We got to meet folks from Paizo like Erik Mona, and a variety of other third-party publishers like Legendary Games, Total Party Kill Games, people who have done artwork, writing, editing, and sculpting for us. We met some potential new writers and illustrators and discussed some cross-promotional ideas with other companies.

In 2015, we’ll again have a booth and use lessons learned in 2014 to improve our presence at the convention. If you’re going to GenCon this year, we’d love to meet you and will be sure to share our booth information once we know where it will be!


Thanks to everyone who has been there with us for this journey! 2014 certainly had its ups and downs, but we’re trying to set up 2015 to be a solid year full of fun new things!