With Paizo’s announcement of Occult Adventures and its inclusion of psychic magic, many people were curious and concerned as to what that means for Dreamscarred Press. Indeed, I had the pleasure of discussing it with Erik Mona at GenCon 2014 in the minutes before the announcement was made.

We here at Dreamscarred recognized early on with Pathfinder that our psionics niche was only there as long as Paizo didn’t decide to support it themselves. Paizo, on the other hand, recognized that psionics as we like it, with power points, augmenting, etc., isn’t something they’re very keen on. And there’s nothing wrong with that – everyone has their own preferences, and we’ve certainly benefited from them not wanting to touch a power point system! But with psychic magic, the medium, the kineticist, and the other character options that Occult Adventures will bring, it does pose a question as to how we’re going to handle it.

After discussing for a little while, our solution was to simply adapt to the change and keep on doing what we do best! As a result, we’re working on the design for Psionics Augmented: Occult (tentative title) which will include new options for the classes found in Occult Adventures, as well as occult options for the psionic classes found in Ultimate Psionics, and probably more things we dream up as we work on the project. We’re tentatively planning for Psionics Augmented: Occult to be a 32-page softcover release that will be available at GenCon 2015 to coincide with the release of Occult Adventures’ release on the same day.

Want to participate? You can be sure we’ll be posting material as it’s developed for playtesting feedback, and we’re always open to new ideas of what should be included in the book! Let us know your thoughts and we hope to see you at GenCon 2015 for the release of Psionics Augmented: Occult.