Product Description

Wilders, the manifesters who unleash surging blasts of psionic energy at the risk of psychic backlash. These practitioners of the psionic arts often rely on raw power over finesse, yet are equally capable of astounding displays of mental strength.

Contained within the 18 pages of Psionics Augmented: Wilders, you will find:

  • Two new archetypes, the surging muse and voidheart
  • Three new prestige classes, the cross-discipline master, the surge adept, and the volcanic mind
  • More than a dozen new feats, including a new feat type – surge feats, which are designed around the wild surge of the wilder
  • Six new psionic powers for wilders and other manifesters, including a new surge augmentation option, which allows wilders, and only wilders, to achieve extra augment options when invoking a wild surge while manifesting the power

Psionics Augmented is a series of products aimed at expanding the options presented in Ultimate Psionics.

Written by Jade Ripley, with artwork by J.D. Dianderas.