Last week I posted up some gaming guides for the Path of War. It would be remiss of me if I didn’t also include some guides for the psionic classes found in Ultimate Psionics! These guides have been written by a variety of fans, some of whom now work on our upcoming projects, and help to give a detailed analysis and explanation of the different classes found within the large tome that is Ultimate Psionics.

Aegis – Armor of the Mind: The Aegis by Novawurmson

Cryptic – Trapsmith, Tattoo Artist, Master Thief: Unraveling the Cryptic

Psychic Warrior – On the Melding of Martial and Mental Mastery by Jackissocool

Soulknife – Psyren’s Sharpening the Mind: A Guide to the Pathfinder Soulknife

Tactician – Novawurmson’s The Chess Master: A Tactical Guide to the Tactician

Vitalist – Psyren’s Mental Medicine: a Vitalist Handbook

Wilder – Where the Wilder Things Are: The Pathfinder Wilder by Novawurmson

The dread, marksman, and psion still need guides. Know of one?  Post about it in the comments!