Bloodforge – The Bells

It had been a long few millennia, but now, at long last, the Unseelie walked once more in the Iron Lands. They were four, these fey – a pair of hunched red caps led the way, sopping hats leaking blood into their matted hair as they loped forward like apes or goblins, all wary […]

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Mourners – First Date

The gates of Shatterdown were open for trade when the paladins arrived. Wagons and people moved in and out of the port city, on various business – trade, adventure, personal errands. The youngest of the six paladins, a young human woman still apprenticed to the dwarf at the head of the group, frowned in confusion. […]

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Announcing Psionics Unleashed Revised!

Psionics Unleashed was released in late 2010, our largest project ever at that time, with an art budget just a bit above $0.00. After Psionics Expanded and then the massive success of Ultimate Psionics, one of the things we kept hearing from our fans was that the $80 price point for Ultimate Psionics was […]

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Coming Soon: Dreamscarred Fiction!

So! If you’ve followed the Path of War thread on the Paizo forums (or some of my statements elsewhere), you may have heard that we want to start posting short stories, vignettes, and bits of worldbuilding & fluff here on the main site.

Well now it’s gonna start happening!

I’m sitting on a series of short […]

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Dreamscarred Press expands

It is with great joy that we share something most of you have already realized – we’re growing as a company. Dreamscarred Press, like any small publisher, relies on a small core and a large number of freelancers that help us release our books and games. Today, that core is expanding with two dedicated new […]

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Psionics Augmented: Occult!

With Paizo’s announcement of Occult Adventures and its inclusion of psychic magic, many people were curious and concerned as to what that means for Dreamscarred Press. Indeed, I had the pleasure of discussing it with Erik Mona at GenCon 2014 in the minutes before the announcement was made.

We here at Dreamscarred recognized early on with Pathfinder […]

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State of Mind – 2015

Every year, we do a sanity check here at Dreamscarred Press (seems appropriate, no?). So let’s wrap up 2014 and kick off 2015!

2014 was a rollercoaster year for Dreamscarred Press. We got a lot done, especially the books from our Ultimate Psionics Kickstarter like the Psionic Bestiary, Psionics Embodied, and The Opened Mind. While […]

Website Transition

We are currently in the process of transitioning our site from the old site to the new site (this site) and had planned to do it over a protracted period of time. Unfortunately, the hosting provider for our old site will be shutting down at the end of March, so our timelines have sped […]

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Gaming Guides to the Path of War

Ericaltovilla, one of the fine game designers now working on Path of War Expanded, took quite a bit of time to write up many guides for the Path of War rules for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Because these guides are living documents and quite lengthy, we’re not going to include the full contents, but rather the […]

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Psionics Embodied Now Available!

Add some psionic character to your campaign!

Psionics Embodied is a new supplement for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game giving you 21 psionic NPCs for use as allies or enemies of the adventuring group. With NPC backstory, personality, and descriptions, as well as how they can be used as either an ally or enemy, each psionic character is […]

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