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Coming Soon – The Opened Mind

Although we currently have our From the Deep Adventure Path in production, an adventure path set in our Third Dawn Campaign Setting can be a bit daunting for those new to psionics. As one of the stretch goals from our Ultimate Psionics Kickstarter, we created an introductory adventure for psionics, The Opened Mind.

In the […]

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale!

It’s time for our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale with some big discounts on our psionic books!

Get the PDF of Psionics Unleashed for as low as $3, Psionics Augmented for $4, and Psionics Expanded for $5! And there are discounts on the printed books, too!

These prices are only good through the end of Monday, so […]

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Path of War Now In Color!

You asked, we answered!

Path of War is now available in color printed copies. With most of the artwork already in full-color, you don’t want to miss out on adding this to your collection of books for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

Path of War is a 160+ page book detailing the maneuver-based combat system for martial characters, including three […]

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Contest: Sample Characters

Sample Characters for The Opened Mind
We want to include some sample characters for our introductory adventure, The Opened Mind, for players who have never used psionics before and just want to start playing, not spend the time it takes to build a character from scratch, especially when they don’t know how psionics works. These […]

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Psionics Embodied Now Available!

Add some psionic character to your campaign!

Psionics Embodied is a new supplement for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game giving you 21 psionic NPCs for use as allies or enemies of the adventuring group. With NPC backstory, personality, and descriptions, as well as how they can be used as either an ally or enemy, each psionic character is […]

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Welcome to the new and improved Dreamscarred Press website! This site will be the new home for all things Dreamscarred Press.  Our old site will remain in place for those who still have downloads, as well as for the forum archive, but this is where all the new, fun stuff will take place!  This […]

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New Site!

We are still in the process of getting the new site up and running.  For now, please go to to reach our old site.

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