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    I was hoping someone could give me some clarification on the exact rulings of wilders and prestige classes.

    Wilders and Prestige Classes
    Many of the prestige classes presented in this chapter
    improve a character’s manifester level, but do not
    grant any benefit to a wilder’s wild surge, leaving the
    wilder with little incentive to take a prestige class. For
    wilders, when a prestige class level grants the character
    additional power points per day as if they had gained a
    level in their manifesting class, treat the wilder’s level as
    one higher when determining the effects of wild surge

    It says treat the wilders level as one higher when determining the effects of wild surge; does this include effects under surge bond and improved surge bond? Or is it only the base wild surge?

    Spencer Parque
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    It’s a good question. My inclination is to say no, that only affects the base wild surge. That said, read the text of the affected bonds carefully. For instance, take healing surge. The number of hit points involved in its surge bond is equal to your wild surge, which is affected. But at long as you stick with prestige class levels, you aren’t getting the bonus feats from healing surge’s improved surge bond.

    I’m not associated with DSP though, so my word isn’t official–it’s just my opinion based on my understanding of the rules.

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    Another question in regards to wilder. If you take the contemplative archetype would it’s mind blast be able to qualify and apply the benefits of feats that interact with surge blast?

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