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    I bought the softback Psionics Unleased at my flgs. Grabbed Path of War the moment I discovered it on RPGNow. Almost fried my keyboard (drool!) when I saw Akashic Mysteries. These were some of my favorite rules expansions back in 3.5 (one of my favorite characters had a mix of initiator & meldshaper abilities, & my brother used psionics to horrific effect) & now they’re Pathfinder-ready. Thanks, tremendous thanks, to the people who put these excellent products together for us (& continue to support them).
    So. This, of course, begs the question: What’s next? What other favorite corner of the rules options will the DSP crew delve into tomorrow? I know what I’d like to see next, but I’ll admit to a bias in that regard. What do you want? Where should the Eye look next?

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