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  • Adam
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    Hello everyone. I have written up a Marksman archetype that initiates and I would love to hear some feedback on it.

    It is called the War Bolt, and I intended to create a highly mobile archer initiator with it.

    I also have a few questions for you all as your read the archetype.
    Does it feel balanced?
    Are the class features traded for gaining martial maneuvers too steep of a cost?
    Does it adequately encourage the desired play style of a mobile, initiating marksman?
    Are the ability names silly?
    Are the maneuver DC boosts too high?
    Are there too many DC boosts?
    What do you believe should be the third discipline available?

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    Balanced: Yeah, it feels sufficiently balanced. I’d say that removing Evade Arrows and Cover Fire too, to remove boring passive defenses and class features similar to maneuvers.

    Play Style: Yeah it does, especially now with the newly released discipline.

    Silly: Only as silly as everything else in PoW :P

    DC Boosts too High: Maybe. You’re talking about style technique right? If that’s problematic then you can tie it to a swift action.

    I liked the prievious name, Light Ray Seeker, more.

    There are only 2 DC boosts! One of them being at level 20., so that’s ok.

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