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    I’m playing a Vitalist, and I’m confused about the interaction between the Unwilling Participant feat and the Drain life ability of Life Leech. Drain Life allows a save for half damage if the target is unwilling. Unwilling Participant says that if a creature fails a Will save, then, for effects, it’s considered a willing member of your collective… unless they succeed on another Will save. In which case, they resist the effect.

    So lets say I have a creature that failed its Will save and is now in my collective. I use Drain Life. How many saves does it make? I feel like RAW is one save from Unwilling Participant. It either fails and is treated as willing (in which case there’s no save from Drain Life), or it succeeds and “resisted the specific effect”. But if that’s true, then why have the line about unwilling targets in Drain Life at all?

    Also, would the -2 penalty from Life Leech apply to the Unwilling Participant Will save since they’re making a save to be unwilling rather than to resist the effect.. or maybe they are? Do they make two saves?

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