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    First: How does Victory Gambit interact with nonlethal damage? If a foe has 20 hp left and 13 nonlethal damage, would a blow that does 8 damage trigger the gambit?

    Second, If I have two or more initiating classes, can I use maneuvers from one class to qualify for maneuvers from the second? If a Soulknife [War Soul] 3/ Zealot X, learned three Veiled Moon maneuvers from their War Soul levels, would they qualify to take Eclipsing Moon (an 8th level VM maneuver) when they hit IL 15?

    Finally, The Discipline Blade Shapes lets me form a mind blade in the shape of any discipline weapon from any of my disciplines. What if I choose Unarmed Strike for a Broken Blade maneuver? Would it give me the Empowered Strikes of a Deadly Fist? If I get the Fool’s Errand discipline, does that mean I can make any weapon (because FE treats all weapons as discipline weapons)?

    Patrick Kelley
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    First: Read as written, I don’t think it does that said I think the intention is the same. Looking at the Nonlethal damage rules they pretty clearly indicate that they shouldn’t be tracked as “real damage.” If I were your DM I’d let you get away with it assuming the target doesn’t have regeneration.

    Victory Gambit
    Risk: The warlord successfully reduces an opponent to 0 or few hit points with a melee or ranged attack on his turn from either a standard attack or full attack action.
    Reward: The warlord and his allies gain a morale bonus on attack rolls equal to his Charisma modifier on their next attack roll.

    Second: Conversely this seems the opposite, Read as Written I don’t see why you technically can’t, but it’s a fine line. This block of text seemed relevant.

    Initiator Level
    These maneuvers are readied and performed separately. Multiclassing does not allow an initiator to have any individual stance or maneuver known or readied more than once.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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