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    Hi all.

    Got a bunch of questions about subj.

    Let’s assume I’ve got Superior Psicrystal feat with a Psicrystal weapon variant, and has grown it into a trusty dagger.

    1. Will psicrystal lose its Sighted ability ?
    2. Will psicrystal lose its Personality (and a corresponding bonus) ? If yes – then why it retained Telepatic link as I can’t really talk to it, as there’s no ‘persona’ to talk to ?
    3. Will psicrystal lose its skill ranks – inherited from master ?
    4. Will psicrystal lose its self-propulsion ability ? If yes – then i don’t really see a point in Sight link ability, as psicrystal weapon will not be able to leave your person on its own.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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