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    Forward: Hello! You may be wondering — An Akashic Initiator? isn’t this really close to the Pharaoh?

    In truth, it is. Back when the Pharaoh was first released (When it was only partly finished, with Empty Pyramid going only up to 7th level), I had gotten into a game for Reign of Winter, and wanted to run the Pharaoh in it. While the GM was open to Path of War/Akashic Mysteries, he didn’t want an incomplete class, and after a few minutes of discussion, he allowed me to make a class similar to it, except complete, and allow me to run it in his game.

    Unfortunately, it never kicked off — There were relationship issues between the GM and two of his players, and the game imploded before it could actually start. The work I put into the then named Not!Pharaoh fell off to the side, and I had mostly forgotten about it until the Pharaoh was re-released for play testing. Upon review and testing of the Pharaoh, I had found myself unhappy with the class, and my mind turned back to the class I had started on for the previous game. I was recently spurned into action when I found out that one could submit stuff to Dreamscarred, and with that, I set out to finish the newly christened Emperor into what you’ll see below.

    The Emperor is a redesign of the Pharaoh’s core idea — A ruler who rules from the front line; someone closer to Alexander the Great or King Arthur than King Louis XVI. Rather than pushing myself into a single theme (Egyptian-ruler), I decided to take a more open route for the character. It is a primary initiator class(With maneuver growth comparable to the Warder), secondary Akashic (With the smallest veil list out of the 3 classes and the slowest growth for binds), with a function of supporting his allies through buffs and maneuvers.

    The maneuvers he has access to include Golden Lion, but like the Pharaoh, I was not excited about Empty Pyramid, specifically it and it’s interaction with Essence. The new discipline, Radiant Sun, was designed before the Emperor was completed, but was gone into with the idea of functioning harmoniously with Akashic rules and Initiator rules together, as well as being a support-focused Discipline, and capable of standing without the Emperor class. As a discipline, I have also included supporting feats, style feats, and a Pathwalker path for Radiant Sun.

    With the foreword out of the way, I’ll present to you a combined 25+ pages of The Emperor class and Radiant Sun.

    Radiant Sun:

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