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    I’m pretty sure this has been asked already in the old forums, but since they are no longer accessible, I will ask (again)…

    If a soulbolt chooses a spear (short spear or harpoon etc…) for the permanent shape of their manifested weapon, can it be used as a melee weapon as well?

    It seems to be implied that you cannot, as that would render the Mind Daggers blade skill redundant, but with the item having a hardness and hp, logically, you would be able to use it as a melee weapon.

    As far as the special abilities go, they should function as well as they would with Mind Daggers (from the description: but this may render some of the mind bolt’s weapon special abilities non-functioning if they do not apply to melee attacks (such as the Distance special ability; see Enhanced Mind Bolt below).

    Is there an official stance on this?

    Thank you,


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    If you are not using the emulate ranged weapon blade skill, no. Your “permenant form” without this blade skill simply allows for 3 forms of ranged weapon (not melee): short, medium and long.

    You need an appropriate blade skill to get what you are looking for:

    Emulate Ranged Weapon: The soulknife can form his
    mind bolt to replicate any single ranged weapon (except
    firearms), chosen at the time he takes this blade
    skill. The soulknife is proficient with his mind bolt
    in this form and it functions in all ways as the chosen
    . This blade skill may be taken multiple times;
    each time, it allows the soulknife to form his mind bolt
    to replicate a different ranged weapon (except firearms).
    The soulknife must have the ability to form a mind bolt
    to select this blade skill.

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