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    In the Ultimate Psionics, there’s a rather cool archtype for the duergar for the Paladin called the Sleeper’s Guardian. The flavor of the archtype seems to be focused on law over chaos rather than good over evil, going so far as to remove any indication by class that the user is good. However, no mention of changing the Paladin alignment restrictions is made, so presumably the Sleeper’s Guardian must still be Lawful Good. this would appear to be at odds with the writeup of the duerger race in UP along with the flavor of the archtype itself.

    Is this an oversight or is it intentional?

    Andreas Rönnqvist
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    The intention is that the class must remain Lawful, and we thematically feel that the goal of the class intrinsically makes it Good, but that isn’t a necessity.

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    I figured lawful was still required, as rule of law seems to be a theme of the class. I was more talking about the moral aspect; good would be at odds with the duergar writeup, whuch suggests neutral or evil as the predominant alignments of their society. However, the archtype does not say anything about allowing lawful neutral ot lawful evil alignments.

    Personally, I get the impression that the class feels like a champion working towards keeping the Sleeper in its slumber, even if that means trampling the freedoms and lives of a few individuals, as their existence is meaningless if the Sleeper awakens anyway. That is to say, Lawful Evil would be a perfect alignment for such a guardian, but mechanically there’s nothing saying that is allowed.

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