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    I want to know if it was intended for the Silver Crane Boost that heal multiple creatures to work more than one per round.

    From what I understand a boost last for the entire round.

    With that being true any attack that is augmented by a boost receives the effect of that boost.

    The following ability is why I’m asking:
    “With a powerful cry of need, the true glory of heaven’s mercy pours down upon the Silver Crane disciple in a flood of healing benediction. Upon a successful attack, the initiator and all allies within 30-ft. of his position are healed of 12d6 points of damage.”

    That is an average of 42 points of healing. If the combatant can hit twice, which wont really be difficult that is 84 points of healing.

    It could be argued that “a successful attack” means only one attack since it doesnt say “each successful attack”, but since boost last for the entire round I was curious about intent.

    If this is not the place to get official answers let me know, and I will redirect the question.

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