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    So I was looking at the class template for the Privateer template in Path of War Expanded and from what I see on the SRD and in the actual book they should be compatible but RAW this is not as clear as it should be. In fact a 3rd party class guide from 2014 (PRE-PoWE- release) indicates that they at least were compatible at that time. To address the 3 possible inconsistencies:

    Weapon & Armor – Compatible RAW

    The Desperado archetype alters the warlord’s weapon and armor proficiencies. The Privateer adds proficiency with firearms [Barking Irons (Ex)] but does not alter the proficiencies RAW.

    Bonus Feats – Compatible RAW

    Privateer Ploys (Ex) This ability does not cause the privateer class template to be incompatible with other archetypes that alter the warlord’s bonus feats or gambit class features, or the stalker’s stalker arts class feature.


    Here is where the actual function comes into question.


    “Trick Shot Training (Ex) A desperado adds Tempest Gale to his list of available disciplines and gains Sleight of Hand as a class skill. This alters the warlord’s maneuvers.”



    Maneuvers: The disciplines available to a privateer are Golden Lion, Solar Wind, Steel Serpent, Tempest Gale, and Thrashing Dragon. If the privateer does not have these discipline’s associated skills as class skills, he gains them as class skills. He otherwise learns, readies, initiates maneuvers as a standard member of his base class. This ability alters maneuvers.


    The alteration of maneuvers from the Desperado is to add Tempest Gale and its associated skill Sleight of Hand. These are already included in the Privateer template, the actual ability is not altered. The privateer class template addresses this. Furthermore the wording in the privateer class indicates it should be compatible with other archetypes, however from the srd table there do not appear to be any compatible warlord archetypes.

    Is this intentional RAW for them to be incompatible? Im sure a reasonable GM will see the specific abilities and note this as an ok combination but it seems like an official ruling would make it easier for them to do so.

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