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    After playing multiple types of psionics from DSP, here’s a few pointers:

    Weaknesses of psions while RPG’ing:
    1.) There is no equivalent “Silence” power. There is Cloud Mind, but that’s tricky if the opponent has a good Will save. One of the most powerful spells in D&D has no concept in psionics.

    2.) Psionics cannot create water. Period. They can make matter, all the way up to and not including cold iron, they can make gold and adamantium, but not liquids. I’d say they would be hard-pressed to make oil or grape juice from vegetable matter (har har).

    Psionics have Sustenance, of course. They can feed & sustain themselves. But not others. Only with Psionic Tattoos of Sustenance at 150 gp a day. So no feeding/watering horses, camels, cows, chickens, people in deserts or caverns, etc. This has story repercussions.

    3.) No Invisibility (see weakness #1, and Cloud Mind). Concealing Amorpha is more like the shadow-parties of the 1800s. It’s a miss chance, not invisibilty.

    Psions work best in teams. One Cryptic. One Shaper. One Kineticist. One Telepath. One Egotist or Vitalist. One Psychic Warrior. If you don’t have everyone in a team, then no self-healing until 5th Level (Body Adjustment). No healing others unless role-specific until Level 5 with Expanded Knowledge: Emphatic Transfer (Some can get this at Level 3. You might get away with Natural Healing and making Psionic Tattoos by Level 3.). Making a Jack-of-All-Trades is not difficult with class-dipping by the sole Psionic, but that curtails your point maximum by Level. You’ll be several levels behind the rest of the party.

    Main weakness: GMs who hate psionics, and enforce “Transparency”, rather than “Psionics is Different”. Or worse, “meld” the Transparency for Level 8+ spells, so that you cannot stop high-level enemy spells, but they can nerf you with a spell.

    1.) It is very important to realize Psions buff better and prepare better ahead of time, rather than react to situations like spellcasters can do. So you will need 4-5 rounds before battle for Inertial Armor (hours), Force Screen (rounds), Biofeedback (minutes), Thicken Skin (10 min/lvl), Vigor (minutes), Fortify (minutes), etc. Telling this to a GM guarantees nothing but ambushes in your party’s future. Having more than a minute to prepare before opening the Final Boss door will NEVER happen.

    Meanwhile, the cleric is healing with every turn with Channel Energy. You can only heal individuals or yourself unless you are a Vitalist. Be aware of this limitation.

    2.) Doing the same thing over and over and over again. This is where psionic power points wins over D&D Vacian (sp?) spellcasting. You need to fire Energy Cone multiple times to defeat the zombie hoard? You can. You need to Psychoport multiple times to transport your party members? You can. You need to Mind Control the enemy guards to make them jump, one-by-one, lemming-like, off the castle walls in a conga-line to their deaths? You can.

    3.) Psionic Tattoos make you everybody’s friend. Just like potions, and you cannot “pump” them past 3rd Level, but you can still do a lot of psionic powers on other people via Tattoos. Inertial Armor. Vigor. Natural Healing. Sustenance. Cleanse Body.

    4.) Things spellcasters can’t do. Astral Constructs. Spellcasters have nothing on expendable meat shields. Use them! The same goes for Kineticists able to do all fire/cold/elec/sonic damage in 4 rounds without having to expend their psionic focus. Find that DR X/”—-” weakness fast. The same goes for force powers like Concussive Onslaught, or Concussion Blast. Your Fighter (Psychic Warrior) is now a mage-sword with powers. Treat them as such.

    5.) Psicrystals. Unlike spellcaster familiars, psicrystals are nearly immortal, as they reappear 24 hours after destruction. They are also immortal-but-destroyable AFTER your Psion PC dies, living for centuries. You can play this in a story game.

    Any other points?

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