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    I may recall a Path of War errata file being released awhile back. If this is true, where can I find it?

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    Are we still waiting on this?

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    I searched the web and found this Path of War errata pdf:

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    Note there is no Path of War errata yet. It has been stated that there will be, but the (part-time)authors of that particular work have not had a chance to produce it yet.

    The file you link is an April Fools product making fun of the way 3.5’s Tome of Battle errata file broke off midway and switch over to the Complete Mage(?) errata file and was never fixed by WoTC. Thus the April Fools errata switches over to the Ultimate Psionics errata after a few entries.

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    Another april fools pdf and still no errata…..

    If only the old forum still existed as it contained a lot of good answers on how things should work.

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