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    I have had this idea bumping around my head for awhile, but had no idea how best to pitch the idea, considering I have no experience making games (or networking for that matter).
    for an example of a deckbuilding game and some basics of how that one functions:
    So my idea differs from the above example in the following ways:
    1) Each player selects a hero card at the beginning of the game (before play begins). Your starting deck (keep it small) is directly tied to your hero card. So, say you pick a black seraph hero, you would start with card that are themed towards that. The hero itself would have an ability that influences his own cards, the center row, or his opponent in some way. Finally, all hero cards have the option of ‘basic attack’.
    1a) Hero cards should have at least these special identifiers: associated discipline (such as sleeping goddess or iron tortoise), race (such as human, elf, blue, forgeborn etc.), power source (none, psionic, akashic, arcane, divine (deity), Divine (nature), etc.).

    2) the cards themselves can be very interesting based on how path of war itself works:
    2a) strikes are your special attack cards, better than the default basic attack and sometimes have additional effects.
    2b) boosts generally modify the ‘basic attack’ option, though if balancing is good, could work with other cards.
    2c) counters generally stop an action of you opponent. though, these should have a balancing mechanic so they can’t permanently stop your opponent from taking actions.
    2d) stances could be different in that they go into play and stick around until switched out, willingly stopped (which could even provide a bonus in its own right, if you wanted), or somehow removed by your opponent or an enemy in the center row.

    3) Obtaining new maneuvers from the center row would require a special currency (I fancy calling it Martial Knowledge) that is obtained either through defeating monsters in the center row, defeating ‘the weak’ always available enemy to the side of the center row (who you would be able to take out with a heroes ‘basic attack’ option), or through some other special cards (maybe scrolls of secrets or something?).
    3a) your weak always available enemy should be something iconic to you and could serve as a mascot of sorts.

    4) The center row is where a lot of the action would take place: monsters, unclaimed maneuvers, and maybe other things both helpful and harmful.
    4a) Monsters could be of many different threat levels and if too powerful could be avoided until ready to take on. though, they should probably serve as an actual threat that could prematurely end or hinder the game if left completely unchecked. (unlike the ‘weak enemy’ that resides outside of the center row; that guy never escalates.) Perhaps, some threats could even attract other weaker monsters/threats to themselves?
    4b) Unclaimed maneuvers, as mentioned above could be picked up using martial knowledge if you have enough. there should be some level of encouragement to sticking to your starting discipline(s), but it shouldn’t be required.
    4c) examples of other things that could find itself into the center row: quests (rolls a d6 to see if you fail or succeed? maybe by sacrificing the right type of card from your hand you can get a bonus on the roll?), random event that effects everyone or just certain heroes, gets discarded and replaced by another card from the game deck, whatever else is thought up.

    5) finally the game deck (separate from the players own deck) is where all of the center row cards come from and next to it should be it’s own discard pile (also separate from the players own discard piles).
    5a) you weak enemy should be somewhere to the side as well.

    Cons: new art costs, cost of printing the cards, and the game board and box, could all be expensive. luckily you guys do have quite a bit of art to draw from already.
    Also, we wouldn’t know how popular it could be until it is (or isn’t).

    Pros: you guys would have another avenue for revenue, another use for those custom d6 of yours, and if successful you guys can then claim to have made a cool board game!

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