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    So i’m playing a medic and it’s a good class overall, because it’s a martial adept class i don’t feel as reserved for healing and buffs as much as I do as a cleric but the odd situation still occurs when I can’t help the party as it’s primary healer. One such situation is when my teammates suffer from Negative Level drain. The Medic doesn’t seem to have any Medic Expertise that alleviate negative level drain temporary or otherwise.

    I was wondering if you guys had some ideas on what the Medic itself could do to treat negative levels, temporary or otherwise.

    My best guess is to allow the Medic to use their improved treatment ability to speed up the recovery of such levels in one of two ways, either can make a number of saves after treat deadly wounds aspect of the heal skill equal to the number of days of rest they would normally receive in terms of healing to try and overcome the level drains when it comes to the potentially permanently lost levels, and simply recover the levels when it comes to the temporary ones.

    But I’d like something more official.

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    This is a good point. Temporary negative levels, if you have to, you can get away with just waiting them out, but lacking any means at all of getting rid of the permanent ones does kinda cause problems for the viability of the medic as a main healer at high levels.

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