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    Hello RPG’ers,

    I just played a game with a GM who threw a Lightning Bolt (Sor/Wiz 3) at us. So I responded by having my Psion Kineticist manifest Energy Adaptation (Psion/Wilder 4).

    The GM asked “So which energy are you making it?”
    I responded “All of them – it’s Energy Adaptation. 20 points damage resistance to acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic.”
    The GM said “You have to pick one.”
    I responded “No, I don’t – the power is for all energy types, and plus, I’m a Kineticist.”
    The GM said “Yes, you do.”

    We went back and forth on the exact wording on The GM is hanging his entire argument on the word OR in the description “You gain resistance 10 against any attack that deals acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage.”

    I said “That’s not following the spirit of the power. If you look at Energy Conversion-”
    The GM said “I’m not looking at Energy Conversion.”

    I said “Then Energy Adaptation, Specified is useless because you still have to choose an energy type at the higher power! What about Energy Adaptation, Specified?”
    The GM doubled down and said “You have to choose the energy type for each power when you learn the power.”
    I said “What! You mean I have to learn the 2nd Level power Energy Adaptation:Fire, then Energy Adaptation:Cold, then Energy Adaptation:Electricity, etc just to use them?”
    The GM said “Yes.”
    I said “And I have to learn each energy for Energy Adaptation just to use it for that specific energy?”
    The GM said “Yes.”

    Apparently the GM is trying to make magic and psionics as transparent as possible in the Pathfinder game, so if a Wiz/Sor has to learn Wall of Fire, Wall of Ice, etc separately, then psions must learn Energy Wall, Energy Adaptation, etc separately for each energy type. Which, in my opinion, is misunderstanding the entire mechanics of Energy (psionic focus type) for psions.

    Any help here?

    Playing in Graham, NC

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