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    First off, Id like to say I love Formbound and how it lets us have shapeshifting that is useful without being absurdly overpowered like the Polymorph subschool.

    I have a few questions though.

    1. The Formbond powers are supposed to replace Metamorphosis and it’s ilk. Should the “Metamorphic Transfer” feat also be removed as part of this switchover?

    2. The text for the Formbound Surger class says:

    “The role of a formbound surger is typically to provide an offensive force and limited access to healing through powers such as empathic transfer and body adjustment. His ability to alter shape through powers such as claws of the beast, bite of the wolf, and eventually assume form make the formbound surger a formidable opponent even when unarmed. Additionally, the formbound surger’s animal companion gives it an extra punch when needed.”

    Claws of the Beast and Bite of the Wolf are not on the class power list for the Formbound Surger. Oversight?

    2b. The Formbound Surger class list is generally just extremely anemic compared to classes with similar manifesting (Formbound Spriritist, Worldthought medic, Society Mind), and is missing some things that really fit it’s theme and role, such as Vigor. Is it really meant to be such a withered, paltry list?

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