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    The 4th level ability of this archetype doesn’t appear to do anything for forgeborn because they do not need to sleep:

    Always Armored (Ex): At 4th level, the ironborn can sleep in any armor without being fatigued. This ability replaces the bonus feat normally gained at 4th level.

    Am I missing something?

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    “Half-constructs do not breathe, eat, or sleep, unless they want to gain some beneficial effect from one of these activities. This means that a half-construct can drink potions to benefit from their effects and can sleep in order to regain spells, but neither of these activities is required for the construct to survive or stay in good health.” — Ultimate Psionics, p. 16.

    So, why may a Forgeborn benefit from sleep?

    • Natural healing (p. 191 of the core rulebook) restores a character’s level in hit points when they get 8 hours sleep.
    • Wizards need to sleep 8 hours to regain spells. A Fighter 4/Wizard 1 Forgeborn can use wands (spell trigger items) and cast spells like Identify, Disguise Self, Mount, & Comprehend Languages.
    • The Dream Message power has unlimited range, but only delivers messages to a sleeping recipient. Forgeborn are naturally psionic and often travel to recruit others, so using this message to keep in touch with home makes sense.
    • The Guarded Dream power could allow it to benefit from additional power points or spell slots.
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