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    Hello and welcome everyone to the opening of the Psionics Augmented Playtest thread!

    Forrestfire and myself (I swear guys, I’m not dead and/or fired, despite rumors) are going to be running and administrating this effort.

    Here’s a breakdown of the playtest document which can be found – HERE

    Chapter 1 details four new archetypes available for the psychic warrior:

    The Halo Knight—This psychic warrior has found his psychic essence bound up with the unstable forces of animus, allowing him to use its fluctuating flows to aid in battle.
    The Pain Sculptor—A warrior whose body is in constant overdrive, healing her back from the brink of death.
    The Reaver—A stealthy, deadly warrior who has learned how to hone his killing instinct to destroy the pattern of a chosen individual.
    The Silhouette—A warrior who, in his quest for martial perfection, created the perfect sparring partner: himself.

    Additionally, three new psychic warrior paths are found in this section: the psychic scar of the Hungering path, the unpredictable Anomalous path which deals with the unstable force of animus, and the Outrider path, a mounted combatant riding their psionic power into battle.

    Chapter 2 delves into new feats for your psychic warrior, giving new options for animus use for psychic characters as well as new tricks using previously established feats as a base.

    Chapter 3 details several new items and powers available to psychic warriors and detail their usage.

    Please check it out and leave us feedback, questions, comments, concerns, emotional outbursts, and/or funny noises.

    Playtest document will remain open until the playtest has concluded and the product has been released – as always, thank you very much for your time and support!

    Chris "ErrantX" Bennett
    Path of War - Line Developer
    Dreamscarred Press

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