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    Welcome to Divergent Paths: Mystic! Within these pages we will discuss the Mystic base class and many new options that are available to it. You can find the playtest document right here.

    Chapter 1 will detail several new archetypes for mystic base class:
    The Force Mystic – a type of mystic who has embraced their animus and wields its elemental power more fluidly at the cost of some of their weapon training.
    The Noetic – a mystic whose animus is derived from psionic potential, rather than arcane energies.
    The Sage – a mystic who has learned how to tap into a primal, subconscious collective within his animus.
    The Shade Tamer – a mystic whose animus is tainted with the essence of death and learns to use this animus to control the dead.
    The Wandslinger – a mystic who specializes in using wands with his martial maneuvers.

    Chapter 2 will detail new feats for use with your mystic (or other animus using characters!). Chapters 3 will delve into advanced tactics, which include a new prestige class and magical items for use with mystics and other animus-users.


    Please post all feedback here – I’m looking for balance of mechanics, issues or things that should be removed/added/replaced, wording issues, rules loopholes I’ve missed, and basic grammar of course. I feel pretty solid about most of this work, but I have some specific questioning on the abilities of the Shade Tamer archetype and the Soul Caster PrC.


    Chris "ErrantX" Bennett
    Path of War - Line Developer
    Dreamscarred Press

    Christopher Bennett
    Post count: 36

    Document link as it seems that it disappeared from the OP.

    Changelog 6/8/17
    -Made typo fixes throughout the document – thanks for the catches on those guys.
    -Fixed wording on Force Mystic arcane missiles to be light weapons
    -Fixed wording on Force Mystic paraelemental animus to be more clear for how long its useful for – until next turn.
    -Fixed wording on Force Mystic forced attunement – clarified what earth and air type vulnerabilities include.
    -Changed initiator attribute on Noetic to Charisma.
    -No changes to Sage as of yet.
    -Clarified that Ways of the Undying allows undead to receive morale bonuses.
    -Attemped to clarify by way of examples for Unsettling aura.
    -Specified how the damage is worked in sacrificing hit points for animus for fueling dark arts.
    -Moved command undead ability to initial Dark Arts suite and specified how many undead they can command.
    -Clarified in Dark Arts what happens if you raise too many undead and how they initially are under your control – reminder – Black Banner doubles this.
    -clarified WHY you get Craft Wondrous Item and hopefully cleared up potential pitfalls for Necrotic Transcendance and the creation of the puzzle box phylactery.
    -Reduced potency on Wandslinger’s Edge to +1/6 caster levels of the wand.
    -Feats – fixed Animus Surge’s type in the chart.
    -Elemental Soul increases arcane missile damage.
    -Cleaned up wording for Psi-Animus assault.
    -Increase to Soul Caster HD and BAB to d8 and 3/4 BAB respectively.
    -Fixed typo in Glyph Casting
    -Reduced cost of Claim Spell.
    -Added Improved Claim Spell – check it out.
    -Reduced cost of anima saber and it now comes as just a standard item that can be enchanted like a normal weapon. Defined its weapon group and weapon type, critical range, material and hardness/hit points. Changed the gem to deep crystal. Defined what happens with shade tamers using it with negative energy.
    -fixed some wordings in Spell Bullets for targeting.

    Chris "ErrantX" Bennett
    Path of War - Line Developer
    Dreamscarred Press

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    <delete> oops, mixed up “mystic” with “medic”.

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