Can elocaters float less than a foot off the ground?

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    If they can, would they drop speed to 10tf or would it just reduce the height of difficult terrain they can ignore?

    If they can’t, can they lie down at 1 foot and reach below that height or would this just lift the rest of them up so that they’re stuck always being 1 foot away from their oriented surface at their lowest point as long as scorn earth is active.

    Seems weird they can’t float “up to” a foot up, since smaller characters are increasingly shot inconveniently or uncomfortably into the air.(good for conversations though)

    While an unlikely trait in an elocater, i’m imagining a fine raced psion turning on scorn and getting terrified, vertigo and light headed from the altitude and maybe even galling asleep from the Gs from rising that fast. Or hitting their head on the roof of their smurf mushroom.

    Though, i do like the idea of a character who can essentially fly and walk on walls being terribly afraid of heights and getting dizzy whenever they shift their orientation.
    I imagine they’d become quite uneasy and anxious if they were to forget which way down was for any reason.
    Could be fun to make.
    Might fluff the speed limit as trembling, crying and overall being too pantshittingly terrified to try to move any faster that far from the ground, so they just never learned.

    Also seems weird to be able to float up slowly but not down at all(the main reason for asking)

    Àlso, can they walk over surfaces that are narrow enough to require balance checks with scorn earth and do they still make those checks?

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