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    Hoping to get some say from one of the content writers.

    I’m curious if the Battle Templar‘s Ordained Knight ability will advance a Druid‘s Wildshape ability?

    Ordained Knight (Ex)
    A battle templar fulfills a role special to his religion, and as such, may act both as courageous warriors and as pious priest. He receives a circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks equal to his class level when dealing with members of his faith. If the character possessed a unique divine ability from a previous class (the class features channel energy, a cleric’s domains, a paladin’s lay on hands, an inquisitor’s bane or inquisitions, or an oracle’s curse), he may add his levels in battle templar to that class to determine their effectiveness. Additionally, should the battle templar possess the aegis class feature (see warder class), the battle templar may add his class level to his warder level to determine the bonus of his aegis class feature.

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    I’m fully acknowledging im not a content writer, but as a pretty level headed person, you can tell from the intent of the text that Druids and Wild Shape aren’t intended. All the examples listed aren’t just divine in that they come from a divine class, but also or more importantly those features are direct inventions from their gods or otherworldly forces that influences those class features, Cleric’s and Paladin’s channel direct power from their deities, oracle’s curse if a divine beings infliction on that oracle, so on and so forth. Wildshape is neither of those things, nor does it have to do with faith in a greater being, or being influenced by them. I’m sure some druids worship gods, but no druid really sees their calling as a religious one let alone them needing to shepherd their flock/followers, since most Druids don’t have those either.

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    What would you guys say gets advanced with the Warpriest? I am guessing Fervor and Blessings?

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