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    I was a bit surprised by the chakras presented in Akashic Mysteries.

    In 3.5, the Crown Chakra was the Head slot, which included, helms, hats, HEADBANDS, and circlets.

    The Brow Chakra was the Face slot, which included Masks, veils, third eyes, spectacles and goggles.

    Yet AM has a HEAD chakra and a HEADBAND chakra.

    Is this a body slot change in pathfinder? I haven’t played pathfinder much, but I was under the impression it used the same body slots as 3.5?

    (Yes I love Incarnum enough that I shelled out for AM despite not liking PF at all)

    Distant Scholar
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    Yes, the body slots have changed in Pathfinder.

    Edit: Still no pants, though.

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    Sorry for the Necro, but this has just come up in a game. Was there every any official clarification or conversion between Incarnum & Akashia on head/headband/brow/crown?

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