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In the distant future, when magic and technology have blurred the lines of what can be accomplished and travel among the stars is a reality, the powers of the mind have flourished. Welcome to the Psionics Guide, a psionics system for the Starfinder RPG!

The Psionics Guide includes the psionics rules for the Starfinder RPG, as well as new races, classes, feats, archetypes, and more! This isn’t just Psionics Unleashed for Starfinder. We’ve evaluated every piece of psionics to determine what fits in the game and what needs to be changed.

After the Psionics Guide, we plan to release new creatures and enemies for the Starfinder RPG, including new psionic monsters. Other possible supplements include additional new player options like races, classes, feats, powers, and items, as well as adventures and monsters. Psionic space ships and other vessels are being considered for later supplements

Here at Dreamscarred Press, we try not to give a timeline, as we don’t work on this full time, so we do not yet have an ETA for when these books will be available. However, we plan to run our playtests in public to get player and community feedback. We have found that public playtests make the products better and we intend to continue that tradition.

Playtesting Packets

The playtests for the Psionics Guide have been broken up into multiple themed packets. These are available via public Google docs.

Signal Confirmed – the first packet which contains the psionic races, the aegis class, the soulknife archetype, and psionic feats

Encryption Decoded – the second packet contains the specialist class, further psionic feats, and the psionic powers relevant to the specialist class, as well as the mechanical systems needed for manifesting powers.

Themes – the third packet contains new psionic themes: the Test Subject, Conspirator, and Sleep Walker.

Contents Verified (Psion) and Contents Verified (Powers) – this fourth packet is broken into two documents because there’s so much included! It has the psion class as well as all the powers that go along with the psion!

Still to come: the integrator class are still in development. Once ready for playtesting, it will be released in itsown playtest packets, along with their supporting material.


To put together the best book possible, we will be running a Kickstarter campaign for the Psionics Guide. This will help fund the cost of writers, artwork, and printing. In addition, if we exceed our funding goal, we will add additional content.

Extra content includes things like:

  • Additional character options
  • A Bestiary
  • More artwork
  • Psionic character sheets
  • And more!

We plan to launch the Kickstarter in March, 2018.