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Psionics Augmented: Psychic Warrior (PDF)



The psychic warrior blends his martial prowess with his psionic ability. In this release, you will find new options for the Psychic Warrior from Ultimate Psionics for use in the Pathfinder RPG. Whether you are tapping into the power of animus using the halo knight archetype or destroying the patterns of your enemies as the reaver archetype, your psychic warrior is sure to be deadly with these new options.

Psionics Augmented: Psychic Warrior is a 12-page PDF that includes:

  • Two new psychic warrior archetypes – the halo knight and reaver
  • Three new psychic warrior paths – the anomalous, hungering, and outrider
  • Four new psionic powers usable by the psychic warrior and other classes.

Expand the options for your psychic warrior with Psionics Augmented: Psychic Warrior!

Written by Chris Bennett, with artwork by Juan Diego Dianderas.


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