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Path of War Expanded – Subscription (PDF)


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The Path of War continues onward!

Within the pages of this tome, your options for martial characters more than double! Within Path of War Expanded you will find more maneuvers, stances, and feats for your existing martial disciples as well as a host of new options! There are new classes, archetypes, martial traditions, and even the new class template that provides a way to use a single archetype for different character classes.

Within Path of War Expanded, you will find:

  • Three new base classes, from the ill-omened harbinger, to the psychic zealot, and finally the arcane mystic who all mix supernatural elements into their martial combat styles.
  • Nine new martial disciplines
  • A host of archetypes for the three classes from Path of War and the three new classes
  • Martial archetypes for core classes
  • Class templates, which provides archetypes that work across multiple classes
  • Martial style feats
  • More martial traditions
  • And new and optional rules and clarifications to martial combat that will take your martial characters to a whole new level!

Come and enjoy the spoils of battle with Path of War Expanded!

2 reviews for Path of War Expanded – Subscription (PDF)

  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    Michael (verified owner)

    Thus far, I’m a bit disappointed- the two classes I received at the time of this purchase, Harbinger and Mystic, seem much rougher than I’ve come to expect from DSP.

    Harbinger is poorly edited, with the second column of page 5 and the first column of page 6 obviously switched by mistake, and the Dark Claim feature is unclear and makes it sound like perhaps it was supposed to do something else that didn’t make it into the text of the document.

    Likewise, there are issues with the Mystic. At first level, it says you get to choose 2 of your five readied maneuvers to be granted to you. It then says at the end of each round, another maneuver is granted to you, and says “again, randomly determined”. Obviously there is a mistake here, but whether that mistake is that my initial two maneuvers are supposed to be randomly determined, or if that quoted sentence is the result of poor editing, I have no way of knowing for now.

    I am a big fan of DSP, and I am really excited for this content, but I thought that if this stuff was at the stage you felt it merited customers paying for it it would have progressed beyond the playtest document in terms of product quality. Come on guys, I know you can do better than this.

    Here’s hoping I eventually get my money’s worth. 3 stars for now, mostly for effort.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Patrick Kelley (verified owner)

    Great book, great classes, a solid effort that concluded a great book.

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