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Keep all your psionic secrets behind this GM Screen!

This four-panel GM screen has four pieces of amazing artwork of psionic characters and creatures for the front, and four panels of rules for the back. The rules contain the information you need to use psionics in your games, as well as common rules needed for every game, like skill DCs, which actions provoke attacks of opportunity, and common status condition, this GM Screen lets your players know that psionics is in play in your games!

The front of this screen has four beautiful illustrations by Jason Rainville, whose artwork graces the pages of Pathfinder official products. This artwork includes a dread and a psionic gunslinger fighting an intellect devourer, a psion and a psychic warrior facing a psion-killer, a shaper and a psionic druid discovering a phrenic scourge, and a psion, psychic warrior, and psionic gunslinger standing over the corpse of a gray glutton and discovering the horde of treasure it guarded.

This PDF can be printed and used with The World’s Greatest Screen.

This GM Screen references content found in Ultimate Psionics.

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