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Divergent Paths: Rajah (PDF)



Divergent Paths offers new character options for the Path of War martial maneuver system of combat! In this release, the rajah class is introduced, which not only uses the martial maneuvers from Path of War, but also the veilweaving magic of Akashic Mysteries in a single class.
Included in this 38-page PDF you will find:
  • The rajah class, which uses both veilweiving from Akashic Mysteries and maneuvers from Path of War
  • The batal archetype
  • The heraldries that customize your rajah
  • The new title veil slot and a variety of new veils
  • New feats designed for the rajah
  • The Radiant Dawn discipline with maneuvers from 1st through 9th level
  • Racial favored class bonuses for the rajah
  • A new magic item
  • A new martial tradition
Written by Anthony Cappel with artwork by Juan Diego Dianderas, Divergent Paths: Rajah requires Path of War and Akashic Mysteries.


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