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If half-elves and half-orcs exist, what if other races could mix? What strange and mysterious crossbreeds would populate a world where you can merge creatures, and races, with magic? Explore all of these potentials, where creatures born from magic and strange unions are unveiled. Expand your potential with any of these unique hybrid races. Compatible with Pathfinder RPG, any game could use this book, which gives massive amounts of options both for players and Gamemasters to expand their world with.

Bloodforge is a 98 page book that includes:

  • 30 different half-breed races that are playable from the start. From the hybrid Lasher, to the halfblood Grendle, there are combinations and races for almost any concept.
  • Alternate racial traits and new favored class options for all of the 30 new races presented in this book!
  • New templates for creating monsters (and perhaps players) who straddle the really monstrous, from half-medusas to half-titans. Included are also different sample half-breed monsters to spice up your next adventure with!
  • Tons of new feats, including Heritage feats that allow you to explore your character’s mixed blood!
  • New prestige classes that explore the strange mixing of blood and flesh and what they mean.
  • New spells tied to the blood that courses through the veins of these strange hybrids.
  • New weapon enhancements & wondrous items that give you new options!
  • Suggestions and tips on how to mutate, hybridize and change other creatures!

This book is available as a full-color PDF with great full-color art! Print books will be available soon!

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1 review for Bloodforge

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Tevolria (verified owner)

    This book is largely unspectacular but has some gems that I feel are absolutely amazing flavor-wise and have interesting mechanics to back it up. Specifically the Houri (half nymph half elf) and Dreige (a half-giant species, and it also appears not to be bookmarked, oddly), with honorable mentions to Kijin (half-oni half elf) and half-goblins.
    The feats in this book are intriguing though can create some unforeseen or undesirable situations (Overflowing Life can give fast healing, which is fine, but some people won’t see it that way. And an undead or dhampir picking up Ancestor’s Breath could in some situations [such as flying or aiming down] include themselves in a negative energy breath weapon for healing). However, Mixed Blood is a very fun feat, as are many of the others.
    The prestige classes and spells are all solid with the mongrel being perhaps the most fun for sheer “who AREN’T you related too” factor.
    Final Verdict: The parts that shine find there way into many of my games and some of my characters, but most of the book does not see the light of day. If I were to make a suggestion for changes then it would be to expand on the races to make them more interesting but also avoid any shoehorning them into specific RP requirements; I love the Dreige and use them often but when my players read about them all they really home in on are the four horseman and the deceased star giants (neither of which have stats as far as I know meaning the players may never get actual vengeance or find a star giant that was missed) instead of other aspects of the race.
    Because the parts that shine, shine bright enough to end up in most of my home games in some form, this gets a 4 star from me.

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