For a long time, one of my pet peeves as a player, after testing the core races and building characters, was that I couldn’t effectively play any of the monsters in the bestiary, regardless of how humanoid they might be, or how intelligent they might act. There were no redemption stories that could be told, no conversions of the foolhardy to be made. Atleast not supported by the rules themselves. As a GM there were times that I wanted a younger, less powerful version of a monster – which worked nicely with dragons where that was possible – but completely impossible for most other monsters. Sure, a template here or there might be a quick fix, but many times, I had the time to spare but not the tools themselves.

Monster Classes offer solutions to both of these problems, prying the monsters from the bestiaries from the covers of the books to deliver them into your hands as players and GMs, to build more interesting worlds, different heroes or anti-heroes, to mix it up and make things more interesting, for all involved.

We’re starting off with a bunch of monsters from the first bestiary and you can go the way of the Pokemon and collect them all, one by one, or get the subscription and be sure you “catch them all” as the saying goes. Either way, we hope you enjoy this take on playing the “monster” and feel free to offer us feedback, either here in our forums, on our Facebook page or Twitter feed, privately via email or contact form or at any of the other forums where we try to be active!

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