In an effort to have a centralized place to keep people updated as to the status of our Kickstarters, this will show the different parts of each project and where we are on each.

Last updated 8/21/2014.

Ultimate Psionics Kickstarter

This Kickstarter project has many parts, but the primary reward was the Ultimate Psionics Hardcover.

Ultimate Psionics Hardcover

  • Standard Edition – now shipping in both B&W and color!  We have a large backlog of orders that we are working through and the goal is to get all Kickstarter backer copies AND all preorder copies shipped by the end of March.  The PDF is now available.  As of June 18th, all Kickstarter backer copies have gone out and all preorder copies have shipped!
  • Limited Edition – contents compiled, expected to send to the printer by end of August

Psionic Bestiary

Update 8/21 – Now available! The Psionic Bestiary is complete and ready to ship!

Update 7/9 – In Production! We have approved the proof and ordered the full production run to get things going!  Copies should arrive later this month!

Update 7/2 – The proof arrived!  We are making some minor changes based upon the proof and then sending it off for the full print run.

Update 6/27 – the PDF is now available!  We are working to get the printed proof completed so that we can begin shipping and complete the Limited Edition.  The proof should arrive on 6/27 for review, after which we’ll place the  print order.

The goal of the Psionic Bestiary is a 100 page book.  We are releasing the initial components in parts to give us time to get them reviewed before releasing the final book.  Currently, we have released over 60 of the monsters through various products, with over a dozen more, including six dragons, nearly finished.  Once we have enough creatures to hit the book size we’re looking for, we’ll compile it all into one book and release.  Our goal is to have that ready by end of April, 2014.  All graphics for this book are completed.

Psionics Embodied

Update 11/7 – PDF Available! The PDF of Psionics Embodied is now available!  The file has been sent to the printer and we are waiting for the proof!

Update 7/2 – Cover art is finished and stat blocks continue to be completed!

Update 6/27 - 20 new characters have been created, with their level 5 stat blocks completed.  Level 10 and 15 stat blocks are underway, with several NPCs having their stat blocks completely finished.  All graphics for this book are completed.  Anticipated completion date is July, 2014.

Introductory Adventure

Update 11/12 – Final review! The adventure is in final review and we are creating sample characters to be included to make the introduction as easy as possible for new players.  This should go to the printer this month!

Update 8/21 – The manuscript should be completed this month.

Update 6/18 – The manuscript is still under development, but is sufficiently progressed that work on the maps has begun!

After difficulties getting the manuscript written, a new author has been brought on board to complete this adventure.  We expect to have enough of a draft in to start work on illustrations and maps this month (April 2014).


Printable Monster Minis

Pending completion of the other books that need to print.

Seventh Path

In active development.  Check out the powers in playtesting.

Class Psionic Monsters Revisited

Update 11/1 – At the Printer! The book has been sent to the printer and we expect to receive copies soon!

Update 6/27 – Draft copies have been sent to backers and feedback is being incorporated.  This Kickstarter-exclusive product is only available to backers who were at the $200 or higher reward tier in the Ultimate Psionics Kickstarter.  The manuscript has been written and edited, layout is nearly done, graphics are done!  Expected release is July, 2014.

Hero Lab Support

Lone Wolf added native psionic support, and conversion of the old “psionics as magic” Hero Lab files to work as true psionics has completed. You can currently get this via the Community Pack over at d20pfsrd Hero Lab Community Repository


Update 6/18 – PCGen will include Ultimate Psionics in its next release!

PCGen support for Ultimate Psionics is being built directly into PCGen and will be released as an update automatically with no other action required.

Art of Psionics

This will be completed after the Bestiary, Limited Edition, and Psionics Embodied, but is a compilation of the artwork from the different books.

Psionic Miniatures Kickstarter

Update 8/21 – Production completed! More than half of rewards have now shipped!

Update 7/10 – The full production run should ship to us next week and arrive either the week of July 14th or July 21st!

Update 6/27 - We are waiting on the full production run to fulfill all of our backer rewards who selected a reward tier that included any of the final five miniatures (erudite, psychic warrior, duergar, psion-killer, or Kozak).  Anticipated arrival of these miniatures is mid-late July.

Our second Kickstarter was for a line of 4 miniatures, which grew to be 18 thanks to phenomenal funding!  Here is the status of the miniatures.

  1. Blue Aegis – now available!
  2. Elan Cryptic – now available!
  3. Noral Dread – now available!
  4. Half-orc Marksman – now available!
  5. Human Psion (Kineticist) – in production!
  6. Human Psion (Erudite) – top-tier backer selection – now available!
  7. Half-giant Psychic Warrior – now available!
  8. Xeph Soulknife – now available!
  9. Dromite Tactician – now available!
  10. Ophiduan Vitalist – now available!
  11. Maenad Wilder – now available!
  12. Kozak “To Victory” – top-tier backer selection – now available!
  13. Duergar – now available!
  14. Forgeborn – now available!
  15. Astral Construct – now available!
  16. Intellect Devourer – now available!
  17. Phrenic Scourge – now available!
  18. Psion-Killer – now available!