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Dawnborn RPG

Welcome to the Dawnborn Roleplaying Game.

You’ve read this story. You already know how it goes. There is a land – maybe a bright and joyous land, maybe an okay land populated by well-meaning people, maybe even a bad land that, nonetheless, does not deserve to die, and it is threatened by the rising tides of darkness. Heroes rise to fight back against the dying of the light. Love is won and lost, sacrifices are made, and evil is defeated.

You know this story too: an ordinary man or woman finds themselves gifted with extraordinary power. Driven by virtue, or loss, or a sense of justice, they take that power and set about protecting the weak, helping the helpless, and facing threats that no ordinary human could stand against. They become heroes, by accident or by choice, and learn about the weighty responsibilities of their great power.

The Dawnborn Roleplaying Game is both of those stories, and it is also neither of them.

The world of Rasa was threatened. It was besieged by the tides of darkness, mustered at the command of unnamed and unknown evils. And those evils won. Rasa’s heroes were scattered and lost, its civilizations destroyed, and the world entire brought into the grip of the Darkness Without and lulled to sleep. Now humanity exists in scattered Dominions, city-states with little or even no contact with or knowledge of one another, protected by Dusk Shields through which no evil can pass. It is survival, but it is not hope. Every year, humanity slides a little closer to giving up, to surrendering to the Darkness and joining its world in sleep.

But the sun does not rise at dusk. It rises after the long night, and in this Endless Night, in the midst of the Darkness Without, have come the Dawnborn – men and women blessed with a power they do not understand, that shines with a glory the sleeping world has forgotten. They embody hope that good can rise again out of evil, and the rising of the sun that will wake Rasa from its sleep, if they can carry the weight of their power and triumph against a world in the grip of the Darkness Without. The Dawnborn face the challenge of bringing hope to the hopeless and creating a society that will forever be molded in their image, for good or for ill.

Download the Alpha Playtest and let us know what you think!


About the Dawnborn RPG

What’s the game about?

You take on the role of parahumans (there’s another word you’d know for this, but it’s owned, so…them’s the breaks) in a world where evil won its great victory a long time ago. After more than a thousand years of the Endless Night, you – the Dawnborn – have emerged to make one last fight for hope.


Why a whole new game?

There’s a pile of reasons, any of which could stand on its own. Part of it is the chance to make the mechanics match the setting instead of trying to work it into another system. Part of it is that our team’s itching to make a system of our own and has been for some time. Mainly, though, it’s because Dawnborn’s concept really won’t fit into the system the entire team is familiar with (the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game) without doing so many alterations and proposed changes that a setting supplement would essentially be writing a new game on the framework anyway.


These mechanics look a lot like Mutants and Masterminds.

Yep. Our current mechanical base is in the OGL content for Mutants and Masterminds, but that’s just so we can get a working pitch going. Right now potentially ANYTHING is up for change – ability scores (number and function), powers, skills, how EXP works, literally just about anything except the pitch for the setting is up for critique and alteration.


“Current” mechanics?

Aye. This initial test packet is a proof-of-concept; if this alpha was any earlier we’d just be running an AMA on our concept pitches. Right now we’re still experimenting with how to make the mechanics bring the feeling we’re looking for to life.


How long will playtesting go on for?

Until the damn thing is done. We did testing for more than two years on Path of War: Expanded and that was just a supplement. We want this to be done /right/, and that means treating it with patience.


Where can I leave feedback?

We have a thread on our forums (here: http://dreamscarred.com/topic/announcing-dawnborn/), another on Giant In The Playground (here: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?496595-Dreamscarred-Press-Announces-Dawnborn-RPG-Open-Alpha!), a presence on /tg/ (if you post there; a thread may also not always be up), and our Facebook page. Please feel free to leave feedback in any of those places.


Who’s heading this up?

The original pitch for Dawnborn was done by Andreas Ronnqvist. Our mechanics lead is Matt Meideiros, with Jade Ripley on worldbuilding. He’ll also probably be the guy tossing your feedback to internal and asking you to expand on your critique, if you drop by our test threads.