DRP_INTROADVENTURE_Front_Center_150Although we currently have our From the Deep Adventure Path in production, an adventure path set in our Third Dawn Campaign Setting can be a bit daunting for those new to psionics. As one of the stretch goals from our Ultimate Psionics Kickstarter, we created an introductory adventure for psionics, The Opened Mind.

In the adventure, the party visits the remote town of Jace’s Stanchion  and must uncover the secrets that lie within the town and the bowels of its mine.

The Opened Mind adventure is designed for 1st level characters and specifically for players or GMs who are new to psionics. It includes sample characters for use by players new to psionics, including a cryptic, psion, soulknife, and vitalist, to create a ready-to-use all-psionic party. Also included in the adventure are instructions on how to use it within the scope of the Third Dawn Campaign Setting, a gazeteer about Jace’s Stanchion, a bestiary entry for the new monster introduced, and an appendix for the psionic items found within the adventure.

The Opened Mind is written by Eric Hindley and Dave Harris, with artwork by J.D. Dianderas and Gordon Napier. It requires the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook and Ultimate Psionics.

Expected release date: PDF in December, 2014, softcover print in January, 2014.