Mourners – Re-Introductions

Anastasia was not surprised to wake up to no pain; she had been healed from unconsciousness before and was familiar with the sensation. Her mentor took his hand from her face and smiled wryly at her.

“Next time,” Sir Tromar advised wryly, “run when I tell you to.”

Anastasia nodded and sat up from the bed. She […]

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Mourners – Sleepover Arrangements

The dwarven paladin – Sir Tromar Glasshammer – permitted himself to be escorted into the inn only after he’d seen his apprentice carried inside by a pair of the Scarlet Princess’s subjects. He followed them inside and watched as Anastasia was brought up a flight of stairs with surprising care. Outside, his fellow knights stood […]

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A Fire So Pure – Part 1

A Fire So Pure

by Josh Vogt

Part I: A Pattern of Power

Ayrion sat on a boulder beside the road, knowing an unseen watcher stood nearby. He kept his eyes shut, sensing the surrounding farmland with its windswept crops and animal dens, as well as its hidden spaces…pockets of silence and shadow […]

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Bloodforge – The Bells

It had been a long few millennia, but now, at long last, the Unseelie walked once more in the Iron Lands. They were four, these fey – a pair of hunched red caps led the way, sopping hats leaking blood into their matted hair as they loped forward like apes or goblins, all wary looks […]

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Mourners – First Date

The gates of Shatterdown were open for trade when the paladins arrived. Wagons and people moved in and out of the port city, on various business – trade, adventure, personal errands.

The youngest of the six paladins, a young human woman still apprenticed to the dwarf at the head of the group, frowned in confusion.

“Master,” she commented, as the knights slipped into the line to enter the city. “Shatterdown seems…thriving. Look, some of these people aren’t even armed. Why?”

“That’s an interesting question, Anastasia,” the dwarven paladin replied, resting his hand on the hilt of his finely-crafted sword. “But look there.”

The dwarf pointed at the top of the city’s walls, where the flags flew scarlet in the morning breeze; emblazoned on each was a shattered crown, done in silver and sapphire.


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