Kluk- A Hero of the Times

Chief Pulgok had seen fit to give Kluk one of the houses in what was formerly Glenholme, now called Name-To-Be-Determined.  The house still had three of its walls and most of  its roof, which was more than Kluk was used to having over his head at any given time.  Outside of his house, the five […]

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The Littlest Psion

Unused talents do some strange things.

Say you’ve got everything lined up perfect in your life to be, say, a dressmaker. You’ve got the right kind of hands, a steady nature, creativity, patience, ready access to cloth, loads of free time, the works. All the stars aligned for you to make dresses. But you don’t, right? […]

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Mourners – Pirate & Prophetess

Anastasia hardly noticed the poison in her coffee any more. They changed substances once every four days or so and as a result the flavor got a bit different, but the paladin knocked back the cups like her new favorite drink was about to be outlawed.

Across the table, Sybil watched her in vague fascination.

“Aren’t you […]

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Kluk- A Hero in Spite of Himself

Kluk stood before the ramshackle palace of the goblin chieftain Pulgok.  He’d been summoned to serve on the war council for the goblin tribe’s latest assault on the nearby human city.  Pulgok’s castle was built mostly of broken pieces of trash, half finished walls and a roof of hides.  But it had a whole three […]

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Mourners – Maid & Knight

“Here, hold this.”

Anastasia stopped in the doorway of Contessa’s, for lack of a more accurate word, workshop, and looked at the small metal cube that had been thrust into her hand. Contessa, for her part, moved back to her workbench; the teen perched on the edge of a thoroughly reinforced barstool that was now more […]

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Kluk- Heroes are Made Up, Not Born

Kluk didn’t want to be here.  He never asked to be part of a raiding party.  The little goblin had always been pretty happy just digging through the trash outside the big human city for shinies and giant grubs to eat.  But here he was, clutching his horsechopper as tight as he could to stop […]

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Orion’s Belt – Starlight, Star Bright

It was half-past midnight when the drow got the drop on me.

I, admittedly, could have been more careful, but when our hunters and scouts told me that something had happened to the local goblins I felt dismissive. They were goblins, after all – stupid, greedy, easily distracted, tricked, and slain. I was the favored of […]

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Mourners – Don’t Forget to Write

Master Tromar,

In accordance with your negotiated agreement with Aisling of Shatterdown, known locally as the Scarlet Princess, I have prepared this report during the first month of my visit and participation in her governance, as a member of her inner council. For the sake of convenience, as well as in recognition of my own limited […]

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Mourners – The Lich’s Daughter

Three weeks’ ride north and east of Shatterdown – plus or minus the ferry, depending on the weather and the good mood of the ferryman – lay the island city of Asheholm. Built into the side of the sheer cliffs of its island home, Asheholm sprawled in a way few cities do, with streets and […]

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A Fire So Pure – Part 2

A Fire So Pure

by Josh Vogt

Part II: Buried Secrets

Read Part I


Philiel thumped boot heels on the window sill and leaned his chair back. “When I introduce myself to someone, I don’t take a whole week to do it.” He turned to where Ayrion meditated in the center […]

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