The Sign of the Bucket

It was raining the night Morgan came to the Slime Bucket, soaked to the bone and shivering with chill. Her long red hair was plastered to her face, her shoes splattered with mud, but she still refused the help of the door man – a large dreige with red skin and lambent, flame-like hair – […]

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Mourners – And Then, There’s This Idiot

Early in the morning, in the pre-dawn fog from the harbor, Aisling and Anastasia stood awkwardly near the front gate to Shatterdown, clutching flasks of mutually poisoned coffee and taking the occasional sip with a wince and shudder.

“Why did you poison yours again?” Ana said at last.

“Would’ve taken too long to make a fresh pot, […]

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Mourners – Exit Stage Left

The Fetch turned hard and unleashed a salvo from its starboard cannons, raking one of the warships – the Faithful Squire – with light hits that soon became major catastrophes; the cannonballs buried in the wood exploded in waves of sound that blew shrapnel belowdecks and shattered every window aboard.

Over the din of the battle, […]

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Mourners – Indulgences

Anastasia walked towards the Protection Racket with her hand resting on her sword hilt; her training with Duke was set to begin in twenty minutees, and –

The front window shattered as Aisling and Duke flew out of it in a tangle of crashing fists and spat curses in half a dozen languages. The paladin took […]

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Mourners – Night Off

“You still have friends in low places,” Aisling said to Margrave, at the edge of the pier. On the Fetch, Margrave’s crew was finishing the last of the preparations he’d need to embark. “Find out what you can about the Wolf cult and get back as soon as you can. The bad ones always burn […]

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Mourners – Sharing is Caring

Sybil chewed Aisling and Anastasia up one side and down the other, healed both just enough that they’d be able to sleep that night, and told the pair to get out of her sight. Anastasia helped with it as best she could, but the two still had scrapes and bruises when they met on the […]

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Kluk- A Hero’s Duty

Patrols, patrols, patrols.  These days, all Kluk did was go out on patrols.  His five goblin commando squad in tow, Kluk ranged about the wilderness surrounding the town of Name-Still-to-be-Determined.  Chief Pulgok never told Kluk what he was supposed to be looking for, and of course Kluk had been much too scared to even ask. […]

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Mourners – Truth or Dare

“They call themselves the Wolfbrood,” Tromar said quietly. The Scum – Anastasia included – were gathered in the otherwise-empty common room of the Protection Racket, sitting around a trio of pushed-together tables with solemn expressions. Aisling perched on her throne, her feet on the rungs of the stool, walking a gold coin over her knuckles […]

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Mourners – Party Crashers

Sir Tromar was getting worried about Anastasia. His young apprentice had repeated the exercise with the egg over and over, for hours, waving off her master’s concerns and glaring at Margrave with furious defiance whenever the pirate suggested that she stop. After a particularly bad attempt, the dwarven paladin had tried suggesting a break.

“Go away,” […]

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Kluk- A Hero of the Times

Chief Pulgok had seen fit to give Kluk one of the houses in what was formerly Glenholme, now called Name-To-Be-Determined.  The house still had three of its walls and most of  its roof, which was more than Kluk was used to having over his head at any given time.  Outside of his house, the five […]

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