Mourners – By Royal Decree

Anastasia wasn’t sure how she got assigned to be Kestrel’s minder, but thus far her brief time with the Ragged Angel had been pleasantly quiet. Kestrel could hold a conversation, but was not in the habit of starting one; the elf had a talent for companionable silence, which Ana appreciated. Quiet was something in short […]

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Kluk- A Hero of the People

Kluk stood before the carved stone door in the dragon’s cave.  In front of him, running a hand gently across the carvings, was Chief Pulgok.  He was flanked by two hobgoblin guards with a third standing behind Kluk, putting the poor goblin in the middle with nowhere to run.

“Now, there must be some way to […]

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Mourners – Family Reunion

“Lemme make sure I have this straight,” Contessa said slowly, to the Scum and Kestrel gathered around the table. “Aisling’s old boyfriend is a werewolf, his sister’s a lich, and they’re the ones collecting the Wolfbrood for gods-only-know-what? And both of them seem to think you and the Princess fucked them to death?”

“That’s…yes,” Kestrel said […]

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A Fire So Pure – Part 3

A Fire So Pure

by Josh Vogt

Part III: Cast In Shadow

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As Philiel clutched his arm, Ayrion waited until the last breath before flicking them out of phase with existence. He flung them through the flames and back into physical reality so they […]

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Orion’s Belt – The Lich’s Apprentice

“Merciful fucking gods Morris, do you have to always be eating?”

The knight looked up from his meal – a charred rat on a stick, purchased for infinitely more than its value from a hungry beggar who would eat well indeed tonight – at the irritated expression of his companion. The tiefling woman – Kyria – […]

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Mourners – Babysitter

“You know, as stupid as it looks, the cushions really were a good idea,” Aisling granted, wiggling to adjust where she sat on hers. She and Anastasia sat, once again, on the paladin’s windowsill, watching the sunset.

“Thanks,” Ana said happily. “I do have ideas, you know. What had you wanted to talk about? You said […]

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Mourners – Traitor’s Roar

Kestrel of Asheholm was tired.

She was, thankfully, only physically tired, which was a nice and infrequent sensation compared to her normal constant, soul-deep exhaustion. It’d been a long, long day, starting before dawn by negotiating with Asheholm’s open-secret duergar population and continuing with other projects. Kestrel had helped renovate a schoolhouse, stopped a turf war […]

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Kluk- The Call of the Hero

Kluk had escaped the dragon’s lair after the rain had stopped and the flooding had subsided.  He’d found his commando squad frantically searching for him and led them to the cave to help carry back the dragon’s corpse for dinner.  Chief Pulgok had been amazed by Kluk’s story and the proof of his victory over […]

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Mourners – Heart-to-Heart

Aisling! Sybil! It’s the Fetch, she’s tore up bad! Contessa’s mental voice rang urgently to her fellow Scum. Margrave, say something! Are you alright? Why haven’t you checked in?

The pirate’s answer was weary and haggard. I did not want to risk detection. I am fine. My crew is not. Sybil, we’ll need your students. Bring […]

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