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Orion’s Belt – Common Language

I will confess that I thought the worst when one of the villagers came rushing into my small chapel – really no more than a shrine with pretensions of grandeur, though my flock took pride in it – with a look of panic on her face. My immediate thought was that Deirdre had been found […]

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Orion’s Belt – The Lich’s Apprentice

“Merciful fucking gods Morris, do you have to always be eating?”

The knight looked up from his meal – a charred rat on a stick, purchased for infinitely more than its value from a hungry beggar who would eat well indeed tonight – at the irritated expression of his companion. The tiefling woman – Kyria – […]

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Orion’s Belt – Starlight, Star Bright

It was half-past midnight when the drow got the drop on me.

I, admittedly, could have been more careful, but when our hunters and scouts told me that something had happened to the local goblins I felt dismissive. They were goblins, after all – stupid, greedy, easily distracted, tricked, and slain. I was the favored of […]

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