Mourners: Ashes to Ashes

///Mourners: Ashes to Ashes

Mourners: Ashes to Ashes – Tactical Error

“Lady Elf! Lady Elf, need’a guide? I know the city real well Lady Elf, I can take ya anywhere.”

Summer regarded the teen before her coolly, taking in the mended clothes and the hungry, predatory gleam in his eye. She folded her arms in front of her chest – protected, as the rest of her was, […]

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Mourners: Ashes to Ashes – The Old Days

They’d nailed the prisoner to back of a tavern with daggers.

One in each palm, one in each wrist, holding her arms above her sack-covered head and dripping blood that soaked into her shirt. She sobbed beneath the reeking sack, wordless sounds of misery and pain floating out from behind the cloth.

“You thought you could just […]

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