State of the Dream 2016 and going forward

2016 has passed and 2017 has arrived. With that, the time has come for us to look back on what we did in 2016 and look forward to what we’re planning for 2017. While our plans might change, adapt, or spawn entirely new concepts and ideas, this is what we are thinking, right now, […]

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Dreamscarred Press expands!

Not only did we just release our first preview alpha for the Dawnborn RPG playtest, we’re also expanding into a bigger operation! We’re happy to welcome Forrest Heck onto the team as our Creative Director. She will be overseeing and implementing visual design, speeding up some of our releases as well as contributing her diverse […]

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The Great Hail Sale!

Due to a massive hail storm, Jeremy is dealing with extensive house repairs and having to replace his family’s two cars. We’re holding a sale to help with the expenses (deductibles suck!) so now is a great chance to pick up Dreamscarred products you’ve been wanting to get!

Miniatures – up to 50% off!

Print Books – up […]

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New entrants – Monster Classes!

For a long time, one of my pet peeves as a player, after testing the core races and building characters, was that I couldn’t effectively play any of the monsters in the bestiary, regardless of how humanoid they might be, or how intelligent they might act. There were no redemption stories that could be told, […]

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale!

We’re pulling out all the stops on our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale this year! Starting right now, you’ll find the following discounts available at

And any order that includes a printed book will receive a […]

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Get the Psionics Unleashed Revised Edition!

Psionics Unleashed was released 4 1/2 years ago as our first product for the Pathfinder RPG. Since then, our books have steadily grown in production quality – from black & white art to full color art, from minimal page dress to a professionally-designed page format. But Psionics Unleashed hasn’t been updated since. While Ultimate Psionics has […]

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In the darkness of the night

Some creatures live only in the darkness of the night, premiere among them are the unliving vampires – Lords of the Night! We’re proud to introduce yet another campaign-changing book of esoterica, helping you create and play through a campaign where the players are vampires, and the heroes are the enemies. We’ve filled the […]

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Coming Soon: Dreamscarred Fiction!

So! If you’ve followed the Path of War thread on the Paizo forums (or some of my statements elsewhere), you may have heard that we want to start posting short stories, vignettes, and bits of worldbuilding & fluff here on the main site.

Well now it’s gonna start happening!

I’m sitting on a series of short stories […]

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Dreamscarred Press expands

It is with great joy that we share something most of you have already realized – we’re growing as a company. Dreamscarred Press, like any small publisher, relies on a small core and a large number of freelancers that help us release our books and games. Today, that core is expanding with two dedicated new members […]

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