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Mourners: Ashes to Ashes – Drifting

“Everyone’s up to important shit,” Contessa said – continued, really – after a long pull at something pretending to be just one drink so it could lie about containing six. “Duke’s got that cult-thing goin’ on out there in the damn Dunes, and, and whatever else he’s doing, Margrave’s just gone all the time now. […]

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Path of War – Volunteer

I was nine years old when I sold my soul. Or, rather, when I sold myself. Sir Marcus is always reminding me that we do not own souls, we are souls. We own possessions, we own ideals, and thoughts, we own our bodies, but one cannot own the thing one uses to be oneself, if […]

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Mourners – Coronation

In the end, the remaining Wolfbrood refused to surrender; to the last man, they died with curses on their lips and blood on their muzzles. Runners were dispatched from the city within an hour, seeking supplies to prevent the hold of lycantheropy on the wounded.

The Rabble’s attempts to identify and speak to Levie were complicated […]

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Mourners – Ragnarok

Something tickled the underside of Anastasia’s chin, drawing her out of her warm, comfortable sleep and into slow wakefulness. The paladin yawned, snuggling against the warmth of –


“You have got to be the blushiest person I’ve done that with,” Aisling murmured affectionately, stroking Ana’s soft, red hair. “I wanted to let you sleep more, but […]

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Path of War Expanded – Quid Nomen Mihi Est?

“Begone from my sight, faithless traitor,” boomed the Law, and lo, it was so.

I remember falling. I don’t remember landing.

*    *    *    *

Pain. A world of pain, dimensions of agony folded into sharp, cracking sensations that crawled through my being in shifting tides. Dimly, I was aware that my body was […]

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Mourners – Fimbulwinter

Shatterdown’s festive air did not quite last; though its citizens still tied ribbons to the buildings, the buzz of activity that had been the search for the ribbon had become a grim series of drills and training, with the Rabble keeping watch over the streets. Contessa’s workshop had flooded with assistants to help the teen […]

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Mourners – Valhalla

Someone knocked on Aisling’s door while she was dressing.

“I’m indecent,” the Scarlet Princess called out. “You care?”

“Do you?” Margrave’s voice answered, wryly. “You have nothing I haven’t seen in the general case before.”

Aisling turned around to face away from the door and shrugged. “Come in. Just getting ready to kill some folks.”

The door opened; Margrave […]

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Orion’s Belt – Common Language

I will confess that I thought the worst when one of the villagers came rushing into my small chapel – really no more than a shrine with pretensions of grandeur, though my flock took pride in it – with a look of panic on her face. My immediate thought was that Deirdre had been found […]

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Steelforge – Carol of the Bells

It was supposed to be a milk run.

Eric had known that something was wrong, of course. When the village of Scarsgrove – named for the blasted trees that surrounded it, survivors of a magical duel at the time of its founding – had stopped sending messengers or traders to its neighbors, there had naturally been […]

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Mourners – By Royal Decree

Anastasia wasn’t sure how she got assigned to be Kestrel’s minder, but thus far her brief time with the Ragged Angel had been pleasantly quiet. Kestrel could hold a conversation, but was not in the habit of starting one; the elf had a talent for companionable silence, which Ana appreciated. Quiet was something in short […]

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