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Kluk- A Hero of the People

Kluk stood before the carved stone door in the dragon’s cave.  In front of him, running a hand gently across the carvings, was Chief Pulgok.  He was flanked by two hobgoblin guards with a third standing behind Kluk, putting the poor goblin in the middle with nowhere to run.

“Now, there must be some way to […]

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Kluk- The Call of the Hero

Kluk had escaped the dragon’s lair after the rain had stopped and the flooding had subsided.  He’d found his commando squad frantically searching for him and led them to the cave to help carry back the dragon’s corpse for dinner.  Chief Pulgok had been amazed by Kluk’s story and the proof of his victory over […]

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Kluk- A Hero’s Duty

Patrols, patrols, patrols.  These days, all Kluk did was go out on patrols.  His five goblin commando squad in tow, Kluk ranged about the wilderness surrounding the town of Name-Still-to-be-Determined.  Chief Pulgok never told Kluk what he was supposed to be looking for, and of course Kluk had been much too scared to even ask. […]

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Kluk- A Hero of the Times

Chief Pulgok had seen fit to give Kluk one of the houses in what was formerly Glenholme, now called Name-To-Be-Determined.  The house still had three of its walls and most of  its roof, which was more than Kluk was used to having over his head at any given time.  Outside of his house, the five […]

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Kluk- A Hero in Spite of Himself

Kluk stood before the ramshackle palace of the goblin chieftain Pulgok.  He’d been summoned to serve on the war council for the goblin tribe’s latest assault on the nearby human city.  Pulgok’s castle was built mostly of broken pieces of trash, half finished walls and a roof of hides.  But it had a whole three […]

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