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A Fire So Pure – Part 1

A Fire So Pure

by Josh Vogt

Part I: A Pattern of Power

Ayrion sat on a boulder beside the road, knowing an unseen watcher stood nearby. He kept his eyes shut, sensing the surrounding farmland with its windswept crops and animal dens, as well as its hidden spaces…pockets of silence and shadow […]

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Psionics Augmented: Occult!

With Paizo’s announcement of Occult Adventures and its inclusion of psychic magic, many people were curious and concerned as to what that means for Dreamscarred Press. Indeed, I had the pleasure of discussing it with Erik Mona at GenCon 2014 in the minutes before the announcement was made.

We here at Dreamscarred recognized early on with Pathfinder […]

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Website Transition

We are currently in the process of transitioning our site from the old site to the new site (this site) and had planned to do it over a protracted period of time. Unfortunately, the hosting provider for our old site will be shutting down at the end of March, so our timelines have sped up […]

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